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The ISSHIN DOJO is located at LX Factory in Lisbon (Alcântara), with a practice area of around 120m2 and a smaller room intended for massages, courses or lectures for small groups.

We aim at providing regular activities, ranging from martial arts to Yoga, but also other events such as seminars and workshops.

We put particular emphasis on working the body as a tool for personal development, always trying to complement it with the access to other areas of human knowledge.

ISSHIN DOJO is open to all those interested in learning about its activities and we offer, with no compromise, the possibility of experiencing one of our classes in any of the available disciplines. Just bring comfortable clothes and the will to practice!


Classes & Schedules

  • Timetable

    Aikido Aikikai
    Mon. & Wed. 7.15pm to 8.45pm

    Aikido Iwama Ryu
    Tues. & Thurs. 7am to 8am
    Sat. 8am to 9am


    Originated in Japan, AIKIDO is the art of “non resistance”, a concept not to be confused with inaction or passivity. Non resistance must be understood as accepting our practice partner’s attack, integrating it in our movement, in order to neutralize it with the least possible effort.

    AIKIDO favours bodily coordination, self control as well as self confidence.

  • Timetable

    Mondays & Wednesdays
    from 18H15 to 19H15
    (from 6 years old)

    Aikido for Kids

    The discipline’s curriculum is adapted to the age of the practitioners. It shares common ground with the adults curriculum, but specific exercises are added. Movements involving luxation or that impose too much effort in the developing joints are eliminated.

    AIKIDO FOR KIDS favours motor coordination, self esteem and young practitioners discipline.

  • Timetable

    from 6.30pm to 8.00pm
    from 11.00am to 12.30pm

    Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo

    Shinto Muso Ryu JODO is an old japanese martial art (koryu) originated in the 17th century. Founded by a mythical samurai named Muso Gunosuke, its aim is to defeat a sword armed opponent using a wooden stick.

    JODO practitioners will learn through kata, whose rhythm will intensify as practice progresses. Notions such as distance, rhythm, precision and concentration will be deeply worked.

  • Timetable

    from 10am to 11am

    Tai Chi

    Today, TAI CHI is one of the most widespread wellness activities and healthy low impact exercises around the world. Since its origins in the mid-nineteen Century until today, it kept evolving and transforming itself form its original form, almost exclusively martial, until becoming a soft exercise practice, a therapeutical and psychological transformation movement, a practice of meditation in movement and health and longevity promotion method, thus closing a cycle of returning to the Taoist inspired origins, contained in its own name.

  • Timetable

    Mondays and Thursdays
    from 8.30am to 9.30am
    Tuesdays & Thursdays
    from 1pm to 2pm


    Characterized by its postures based on relaxation / tone, unfolding at the precise rhythm of breathing, YOGA as a spiritual path presupposes balanced physical, mental and psychological health.

    In these classes work will be done on posture, as well as on breathing and balance, at the same time focus skills and relaxation will improve.

  • Timetable

    Mondays & Wednesdays
    from 1pm to 1.45pm


    Inspired by the techniques of classical, modern dance and floor bar (complementary discipline in the training of a dancer) a sequence of exercises was created with the aim of working posture, muscular tone, agility, balance, flexibility and stress reduction.

    A modern, different class, accompanied by a careful and varied musical selection.

  • Timetable

    from 2.30pm to 4pm

    Tenchi Tessen

    Created by Master Georges Stobbaerts, TENCHI TESSEN is the Breath and Fan art. It was influenced by the practice of Japanese Budo, mainly Iaido and Aikido, but also by Yoga, Zen and the study of several aspects of oriental cultures.

    This movement art allows, in an harmonious way, to put internal energies into circulation. It invites you to develop a spirit of alertness, spontaneity and freedom of expression.


One of our wishes is to help in the growing of happy children, both physically and mentally healthy. That’s why we decided to devote a lot of our energy to the young ones.

Disciplines like Aikido or Dance will help kids develop physical skills such as agility, coordination or correct breathing. Important tools for their future, such as focus and self-confidence, will be provided. In our Philosophy with Children workshops, kids will have the opportunity to ask questions, seek answers, suggest clues. Ultimately, they will develop critical thinking skills. All of this goes, of course, without forgetting a good amount of fun!

At ISSHIN DOJO, everyone will have the opportunity of trying a free class of our regular activities. You are welcome to visit us and get to know our teachers and facilities.


Events & Highlights

  • Workshop

    Yasuno Masatoshi Shihan – Lisbon 2019

    From the 12th to the 13th October 2019, YASUNO MASATOSHI SHIHAN, 8th Dan Aikikai Honbudojo, will be for the first time in Lisbon, Portugal, for an AIKIDO seminar.

    The seminar will take place at Pavilhão do Casal Vistoso, 10 minutes from the Lisbon Airport by car and 25 minutes on subway.

    We call your attention to the special Early Bird registration fees that will be available until September the 20th. Please e-mail us for more details.

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Aikido & Team Building

Aikido is a Japanese martial art whose focus is placed on the peaceful resolution of a conflict and not on defeating an opponent.

The whole training is cooperative, in the sense that it is the duty of each practice partner to deal with the evolution of the other.

The goal of common progress is achieved through the exercise of attention in the present moment.

Aikido is therefore a particularly suitable discipline for actions with corporate work teams.


Through practical exercises, originating in the curriculum of Aikido, we will talk about notions such as Cooperation or Mutual Aid. We will see how an art of combat may serve as an instrument of personal and group valorisation, and we will pick some useful examples for the Companies’ day-to-day life and, more generally, in society.


For your team, we created the KYODO Program, particularly oriented to the business world.

Aikido & Team Building actions, with the duration and calendar that suits you.

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Isshin Dojo – Saya no Uchi Associação de Budo

* KYODO | doing together (as equals); to share; cooperate; to collaborate.








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e / isshindojo.lx@gmail.com

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