In the old neighbourhood of Alcântara, facing the Tagus river, lies LX Factory, one of the most dynamic cultural, comercial and business centres in Lisbon. The facilities of old industries such as textile and printing, are now occupied by publicity agencies, fashion shops, architecture studios and, of course, restaurants and bars just to name a few of the existing activities.

This is where ISSHIN DOJO, a place dedicated to Mind and Body work, was born. In a tatami mat of around 120m2, we offer regular classes ranging from martial arts to Yoga. Workshops, seminars and cultural events also take place from time to time. If you are planning to travel to Lisbon and stay for some time among us, please visit and get to know a little bit more about the dojo and its activities. If you are a student and you’ll be enrolling until the end of season (31st of July) you will benefit from a special 10% reduction on monthly fees.

We will be glad to offer you an experience class in any of our disciplines.